About Tixdaq Limited

What is tixdaq.com?

Tixdaq.com is a comparison site specialising in tickets for live entertainment including concerts, festivals, musicals, theatre, comedy, and sporting events and we regularly list over four million tickets to events in the UK.

Our mission is to help you find, compare and buy tickets at the price that is right for you. We do this by listing as many available and legitimate tickets as we can find from both the primary (e.g. Ticketmaster) and secondary (e.g. Seatwave) online ticket markets.

It's easy

  • Search for the artist, show or event that you are interested in
  • Pick the venue and date you prefer
  • Choose where you would like to sit via our interactive seatmap.
  • Compare all available tickets and click through to the vendor's website to make your purchase

It's free

Tixdaq.com is free for you to use. When you find and buy a ticket using tixdaq.com you will pay exactly the same price as you would if you had visited the ticket vendors' website directly. In some cases we earn a small commission for referring you to them.