Muse looking forward to historic shows

March 23rd, 2011 by Liam Emerson

Rock heavyweights Muse are promising a setlist that will be heavy on material from their crucial second album Origin of Symmetry. Singer Matt Bellamy, 32, says the shows will remind him of what the band were accomplishing ten years ago with the successful album.

“These are going to be our last gigs for a while, and in some ways I suppose it will feel like we’re drawing a line under one phase of our career,” he said. “Now it feels like the right time to really pull it back and remind ourselves of what we were actually doing ten years ago.”

Matt explains that the band’s first album, ‘Showbiz’, didn’t showcase their potential in the way that the second effort did.

“The first album, to be honest, didn’t really feel like much of a breakthrough. It was on the second album that things really started happening for the band, and when we focused on the live side of things, much more,” he added.

The frontman thinks the nostalgic live shows will be a send-off to the songs that made the band famous ten years ago.

“This is a real one-off. It’s probably the last time some of these songs will ever be played live again, to be honest,” he explained. “Our albums have always been about moving forward, sound-wise, and the next one will continue with that.”

Muse, originally from Devon and consisting of Matt Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard, have sold over ten million albums worldwide.

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